Sunday, October 28, 2007

It's All About Me

You know....some days.

I plan that Sundays should be not only a day of rest but hopefully one of spiritual enlightenment or at least a day that brings moments where I feel spiritually uplifted. But that effort can be hampered (considerably) by other's efforts. In our church we laugh occasionally about folks who have "reserved" rows/pews. Someone will go away and come back to visit months/years later and mention how good it is to see everyone...right in the same place they left them! And do they know why that is???? Over the 20+ years I've been in our current ward I've "moved" about 4 times, just trying to find a nice, quiet little niche where I can settle in, mellow out, actually hear the speaker and find my zone. Every time I've switched up spots has been due to some sweet young couple who are in desperate need of parenting classes. Do I require all children in church to be perfect, nooooo...but I don't think it unreasonable that parents bring quiet activity packets, soft toys, snacks for the ravenous, plus a basic command of their children. Like, you know, no - means NO? Take today for example, a 30 something couple and their two sons who unfortunately are now 12 & 13 (You know, no longer little and yes, these were the ones who occasioned the last move) slid in behind us yet again. The young men proceeded to fuss with each other (hey, mom/dad separate them!) talked non stop through the sacrament, loudly (okay, duct tape anyone?) kicked the back of our bench (let me help, really), then thru an apparent lack of command of the english language took exception to an announcement in the bulletin about an upcoming Halloween party and decided that they were being asked to bring their own trick or treat candy and gasp! share it with everyone else at the party and started arguing w/ the parents about how unfair that was... What? It said there was going to be trick or treating at the party although by this point I wasn't thinking these ungracious little men need attend and why could. I. Not. Hear. The. Speaker. Over. Their. Noise? Finally after the "f" word came into play I turned around to look at Mom.... Whoops!!! Oh now I'm not being a nice person. I've embarrassed Mom by looking at her...Meanwhile my buddy, Dave, who is sitting behind the terrible twosome is about to hawk up a lung trying not to laugh. I heave a sigh, put my arm around my youngest who is twelve and whisper (kinda) into his ear, "You ever behave like that and I'm hurting you." The row behind me is finally quiet. They are having uncharitable thoughts about me but for rows around me others are ready to applaud. Maybe they'll find some place else to sit next Sunday. Or maybe I should move. I'll work on being kinder but really I'm not feeling very repentant at the moment...