Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Another month of this nonsense.

Political debates, elections... the parties clash. The issues polarize the populace. Taxes, women's rights, gay marriage...

There's a lot of my way or the highway going on.


I'm seeing things I don't like. HOWEVER, for every belief I hold dear there is someone on the other side. But we seem to be forgetting that our right to swing our fist ends at the other guy's nose. I may bitch about it here but I try to hold my tongue in public because 'they' have their agency. I don't get to tell them what to do. I will share my beliefs but sometimes we end up agreeing to disagree and I go to my corner while they...hmmm, well, unfortunately I've noticed they tend to try to sit on top of me.

That's when I start to get a little frisky.

Get off.

I can't make you accept my definition of marriage. But why do you get to change and define the standard  that has stood for thousands of years?

I can't stop you from having an abortion. But if a cell is dividing and growing, if it has a beating heart, it is by definition, a living thing. Except in the case of rape/ incest, you had the ability to keep that egg from being fertilized. THAT was your choice. Why do you get to take away the choice of an unborn child and kill him? His body - not yours.

I can't stop you from printing every form & notice in several languages. BUT, my grandparent's ALL learned English when they came to this country. A common, spoken language unifies people. Why are you "special?"

I can't...yes, the list goes on.

Mostly, I'd like to see people being responsible for themselves. Everyone could use a hand now and then but if you constantly expect hand outs I'm not sure that I got the memo that said I was responsible for providing them.

I feel like I'm standing here, just trying to hold on to my little patch of  grass. So we call a vote, but if I and like minded people vote and pass a rule or win an election we end up getting shoved up against the wall and threatened until they get what they want... it's never finished until the liberal/radical element prevails. This, of course, is the same liberal faction that fights the idea of presenting valid voter id. Washington State had a governor's race a few years back that a conservative a narrow margin, but he won. So, a recount was called for. He won a narrower margin. Soooooo, they recounted again until the liberal candidate won by the narrowest of margins. The results then stood. It seems a few dogs and dead people had to vote to get those results.       ????

Now, I'm not necessarily a Sarah Palin fan but when Obama first campaigned for President he was young and relatively inexperienced in the political arena. He became the Great Black Hope. Sarah Palin, too, was young and relatively inexperienced but running as theVice Presidential candidate she was virtually crucified for the same traits that Obama had.  ????

Next, (this one is old, but one of my personal favorites...) if you use the word niggardly in a sentence you are a racist.  ????

Also if you have several guys standing together, all with black hair, brown eyes and dark complexions and you identify one as "black," covering anyone of African descent, as opposed to the Oriental, Italian/Middle Eastern Type or Hispanic he's standing by, you are likely to be labeled racist. (Seriously, happened.) Sigh.

I'm not only wondering what happened to civility, but common sense, integrity, morality...

And it looks like I might have to keep wondering.