Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Delicate Gesture

The Youngest is official. He now has his driver's license.

It's only been a couple of weeks. He's doing fairly well. I do periodic checkups, just like I did with the other two. A ride along to make sure they're not developing bad habits. In their view, a nag session. But hey, whatever works. I'm trying to make sure my children do NOT predecease me!

I've mentioned that I kinda like The Youngest, right? He has a nice sense of humor, is generally helpful, doesn't complain about "service opportunities." And he is not arrogant. The self-entitlement thing that some folks have going on is not well developed in him. He doesn't mind stepping out of the way, waiting is born with patience...Which is why my tail is in a kink.


Seems the kid was at a stop light. It was a busy intersection. The light turned green, he moved into the intersection only to be forced to a halt as the traffic in front of him slowed. Apparently a mail truck was involved in an accident and was blocking the lane ahead.

What's to do?

I wasn't there. Could he have switched lanes, pulled to the shoulder, turned right and found another way around?


And while stuck in the middle of the intersection the light turned. The cars in the intersection were obstructing the flow of traffic in the opposite direction.

"Things" sorted themselves out and he was able to proceed, but NOT before the driver of a vehicle trying to cross the intersection in the opposite direction took the opportunity to roll down her window and yell,

"Hey kid in the little white car..."

He looked, only to be presented with a stiff middle finger.

So to the elderly woman who thought her gesture was an appropriate way to express her ire?

Yes, thank you.

So much.

That whole thing about aging with grace, setting a good example for the younger generation etc. etc.


Concept seems to have escaped you, eh?


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut - Sometimes You Don't!

Or make that - sometimes you feel like writing, sometimes you don't...Just taking a little month's hiatus. But I look @ the stats and folks are still checking out the blog. What's up w/ that? Not getting any more hits on the profile so you're apparently repeat customers. Ya big sillies - got to get your "daily" dose of attitude, eh?

Anyway I got to laughing the other day. (Again!)

Several weeks ago a friend started remodeling her kitchen. And ohhhhh, it's going to be nice. She was telling me about her plans: tear down this wall, move this here, put an island there. I thought it sounded great and when she talked about opening up the hallway and using a spare bedroom for the dining area I was totally impressed and while looking at the layout I mentioned that it would look nice if she removed a portion of another wall which would really open up the space.

She gave a little shriek, threatened to punch me and said "Not you too!" Her husband and contractor had both mentioned the possibility but it seemed she was adamantly opposed to the idea. So while I repeated that I thought it would look nice with a half wall, I also told her it was her kitchen, so whatever!!!!

Yesterday I visited to see how it was going. About halfway done. But I'm getting a visual - I'm likin' it!!! As we turned to discuss the placement of the china hutch I did a double take. The WALL was missing.

I looked at it. Looked at her. Raised an eyebrow...

"Well," she says, "I'm still not sure, but I talked to Mike and told him what you said and it ended up being a...Carly says....so here we are."

Seriously people???????

Well hell.

I want to try that again, only THIS TIME - I want a horse in that race!!!!!!!

Feels just like a replay of the old TV ad that goes, "When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen!"

Snort. And you know, if she ends up hating it, who's fault it will be, right?