Monday, July 30, 2012

Do Your Daily Exercise

In spite of my weight - I do like to exercise.


Stop laughing.

I love to swim. Don't mind doing water aerobics, working out on weights. Am about ready to get back on a bike. Knee is flexible enough again so just need more power/strength. And one of these days I'll have lost enough weight and have the balance necessary to ride a horse again. And if gardening counts, well, count me in!

But hiking? Eh...if it's to something interesting (like a sale), a scenic vista, or better yet!!! A hot springs!!!! I'm all over it. Walking to be walking? Ummm, not so much.

There in lies a dilemma. Went for a vacation. Lovely!!! First time in years I've done/gone somewhere just for myself. Visiting friends & relatives, chatting, eating, shopping & just hanging out. No schedule, no pressure, no service projects, just play.

Big smile!

However, I've worked so hard to get my knee/leg back in shape that I do try to get my daily exercise, but not a pool in sight. So, bless my sister's soul, she includes me on her daily walks. Okay. I can be a good sport. After all there's good company and this is Alaska. It's so green and beautiful. But I'm a master at going for a little bit then stopping to check out the scenery, view a flower up close, take a picture of a duck...

The sister is no dummy.

It only takes a day or two of this and she catches on. Second nite I hear her on the phone..."Oh, we'd be delighted to babysit your dog!"


Who's this "we" she's talking about. Got a frog in your pocket girl?

The next morning, the grand puppy, McGyver, or whatever her name is, rushes down the stairs into my room and leaps into my arms.

Great. (We're talking about the ultimate cat lady, remember?)

Sweet dog. Really.  All 50, wiggly pounds of her.

Time to explore.

So we load her up, get our morning chai, make a few stops and then it's time for a walk.

I get her leash and we're off. The sun is shining, there is a fresh breeze blowing and it's a beautiful 65 degree day. We leave the parking lot at a brisk pace...and accelerate.

Umm, McGyver?

"She doesn't heel, does she?"

"No, she's just a pup."

"Oh.  Rather enthusiastic, eh?"

The sister smiles, "Um hmm!"


It doesn't take long for me to realize that this is Alaska! So of course I'd end up being attached to an animal that was part moose sled dog. For the love! I valiantly hang on. pant, pant, pant  And I wonder, does it have another sped?

Other than run?

McGyver, happy little thing (with the foot long tongue), finally went home.

Not to worry tho. Millie took her place the next day.

I mean, who goes on vacation and loses weight?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


The Youngest bounces into the kitchen this morning.

A young, 17 year old man of rare and frequent enthusiasms.

He's got it ALL FIGURED OUT!

He's taking the money he makes from working in the hay fields this summer and for $3000 he's going to get his pilot's license, and next summer?

He's going to be a....(wait for it)

Crop Duster!!!!!!

I know I rolled my eyes...because he started earnestly explaining his theory.

I object. One word. "Danger."

"Phfft!" He exclaims.


"Oh no....blah, blah, blah" he runs on.


But he was off and running. He had a plan....again.

Oh me. I'm getting too old for this. And I hate to "stomp" on his dreams. But most of them are designed to give Mom a heart attack. Can he just grow up, make it to 21 without any more breaks, explosions, burns, surgeries, near death drops from silo's, sled rides into sewer systems and? (We don't even want to talk about out houses & rocks...)

But just in case, I've already found my reality check.

I know - killjoy.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Me Thinks Thou Dost Protest Too Much

Some things just are....

What you see is what you get...

Familiar sayings. But still, feel free to discuss stuff. It seldom hurts to kick the tires, turn things around and look at them from another angle. That old thing about "an unexamined life..." y'know? You have my permission. I know you were waiting for that!

HOWEVER, sometimes a pile of sheet is still a pile of sheet. Doesn't matter if you send it to a lab for analysis, it is what it is. Disclaimer: I know people can compost it ... as a matter of fact Farm Boy works on a process to turn it into methane. (But a rather involved, messy & expensive procedure that your average person doesn't have access to.)

So - while I don't want to intrude on your reality, and if you want to vent, please, be my guest...and sometimes it helps to just laugh about the things/people we can not change, but the saccharin massage? The "if I deny reality long enuf,"  maybe it will go away? Spare me. Please.

I wholly encourage the power of positive thinking, but it's easier to change your life if you step out of fairy tale land. Mayhaps the following advise: