Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Thought Association

When I get up, hit the shower and start my day it's never a big deal.

But, if I get up, go outside to work, in the yard or with animals, and wait to shower (to wash off  "the great stinky outdoors") it's always a pain in the neck. I've already gotten dressed once, now I have to undress, get wet and put on a bra - AGAIN! I just want to be three years old, plant my feet and say no! I'd be happy to sit around in a mu mu all day and if it weren't for sweat & fresh eau d'horse I'd surely do it!

Why is it even an issue? Just hop in the shower and go, right?  I have no idea. Just is. Which reminds me of some little people I used to know. Each of my three darlings had their quirks. The Commander wouldn't eat vegetables for the life of him, #1 Daughter didn't like fruit and....oh, I could fill the page with comments about french fries, pink, sitting under the table, forts, imaginary civilizations...

At the moment tho, my reluctance to get into the shower and get dressed, so I can do something with the rest of my day, just reminded me of a certain boy and his wardrobe. He'd get used to wearing long pants during the winter and come spring I just about had to duct tape him to the wall to get shorts on him so he wouldn't die of heat stroke. In the fall we'd do it in reverse. Couldn't get him out of his shorts and into long pants so he wouldn't freeze. Being our first child, the Commander was perhaps a bit indulged. Fortunately his sister came along. He had to learn to share and has grown up to be a responsible, intelligent, social adult. But I had to run pay attention to keep up with him.

Now we've have the good news that he and the DIL are expecting. TWINS! I'm so happy for them. Children add a joy, depth & dimension to your life that you never knew you were missing until you have them. And twins? Well, double the pleasure or double the trouble! I'm laughing because if they have two with the DIL's personality/spirit it will be smooth sailing all the way. If they have one for her and one for him, things might get a little interesting. But if they end up with two Little Commander's...well the thought just kinda makes me grin. All I can say is good luck getting those kids out of shorts when it's 20 degrees outside. And I probably should warn them, to never, EVER, get those children trains, let them see a train, let them hear a train.....bwahaha, long story. Just take my word for it! ;)

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NaDell Ransom said...

The different personalities of kids in so very interesting. I am pretty sure I understand your train stories without you even saying them. =)