Monday, January 3, 2011

Gotta Love People... Kinda, Sorta

The boss gets on the computer first thing this morning at work....

And finds a man has lodged an official complaint.

It seems the tracking system showed that a parcel was delivered to this man's house Friday but he says it never happened. He was outside taking down Christmas lights and saw the rural route driver stop at his mail box but - no package.

So he files a complaint.

Our boss calls him to get details.

Then the boss calls the driver.

Driver says, "Uh, yeh, the guy was outside just like he said. And while he watched a small parcel was scanned and placed in his mail box along with the rest of his mail."

The boss now calls the complainer back. Says the parcel was indeed delivered.

"Nope," the guy responds.

"Yes," the boss says.

Apparently they agreed to disagree and the call was terminated. A very short while later the phone rings. A somewhat chagrined customer explains that the parcel was found....

Wait for it! 


Right where it was left three days ago. He says he thought the wife went and got the mail, and she thought he went and got the mail...

I was left shaking my head in disbelief.  They sat in front of their computer, saw that the tracking system said the parcel had been delivered and BOTH of them were too lazy to walk their backsides, 30 feet, out to the mail box to look. 


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