Monday, January 10, 2011

Playin' Barbies

40 some odd years ago, I used to go over to Susan Hicks house and we'd play Barbies. She had a bunch o' dolls - various Barbies, a Skipper, Midge & two Kens. We'd dress them up & down, have short, imaginary conversations between them and then change clothes...again.

It was like washing your hair. Lather, rinse, repeat.
Fast forward. Now everyday, morning & night, I go to feed Padwon. While I'm there I do the routine check that any responsible horse owner would do...look for cuts, lameness or just the dull eye that indicates trouble.

Also I do a quick groom job. Especially if her coat is matted. Hard for a winter coat to provide extra insulation if it's all mucked up. Sometimes tho, I fall prey to my brushes and combs and turn into a 10 year old again. Her flaxen mane is combed until it flows, the golden hair is fluffed and even the leg feathers are puffed. I don't stop until my little blond beauty shines.

The other day I had one of 'my moments' and the girl friend was looking good when I was finished with her. I was thinking "That's one sweet looking little horse."


I came back out in the evening.


She was a mess. Caked mud all over the place. Let's keep in mind that it did not rain/snow and that she has access to a dry spot to lay in under the shed, also the pasture wasn't actually soggy and she could have picked several spots to lie on or roll in that would not have soaked her to the bone in the freezing temps, but noooo....


You know, as you get older the irony and futility of housework strikes home on a regular basis. In a traditional home the man goes out the door every day and...builds a barn, makes a fence etc. When he's done he moves on to another project. His body of work stands as a monument to his life. A woman spends a great portion of her day baking bread, preparing meals, washing dishes, fixing the bed, wiping noses, doing the laundry & folding the clothes. All consumable activities that as soon as she finishes them, start all over again.

It wears on the soul.

And so dear horse what's to do with you?

Lather, rinse & repeat?

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