Saturday, June 19, 2010

Excuses...Everyone's Got One

Here we go again...

Let's assume it's a given that I'm liable to have one, if not both, feet in my mouth on a regular basis. I'm relying heavily on the hope that most people, okay, those who count anyway, understand the intent of my heart, and forgive me - for being me.

So, it was service project time again. I've just travelled 700 miles so I could be back home for a ward project. (And yes, it was time to come home so I don't want to leave the impression that I dropped everything to drive those 700 miles...the Provo visit/work party was scheduled to dovetail with the service project...)

Anyway, Thursday, 6pm.

Most people are there.

The handout that she signed noted that time. She got a reminder call but understood it to be a half hour later...and showed up even later. We were almost done. My knees and back have had enuf fun in the last week but it's my job to ramrod the outfit so when she walked in I'm bent over taping boxes. People are waiting for me. She can see I'm busy but is embarrassed and wanted to explain.  I nod, smile and say,  "Hey, it happens." She continues to explain. I nod & smile and keep working. Sweat rolls down my face.

"I'm never late!" She wails.


I tactfully refrain from glancing at my watch.

I move to the next box. She steps in my way. Continues to talk. My back is breaking. She's still talking and I'm still nodding & smiling. Although by now it's probably closer to a grimace...Shoot me now. Dear lady, please stop.

You know, I should have just stood up, grabbed her up, given her a great big hug and told her it was OKAY. That's apparently what she needed to hear. It would have saved me several minutes of listening to explanations about 'why I'm not responsible for myself' which as we all know by now is one of my favorite pet peeves.


I much prefer the other little miscreant's approach. This one just didn't show up. I wrote a check for $100+ to cover her expenses. When I finally got a hold of her, I told her how much the product came to. She was at my home 10 minutes later, check in hand. She was polite and apologized - merely said it had been a crazy week and she'd forgotten. I nodded, smiled and said...

"It happens."

The Youngest loaded her up. We all smiled and waved as she drove off. No drama. No fuss. No muss. She was happy to have her stuff. I was happy to have been able to help.

All was well in my world.

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