Monday, June 21, 2010

Snack Time?

Remember the 50's - 60's movies that had all the buxom, bombshell starlet's dropping items down their cleavage for safe keeping? Money for the parking meter? House keys? Lipstick?

Hold that thought.

Now think about the last time you had some really good Chinese-type sticky rice.

Compare that to Mexican style rice. Tasty, but not sticky.

So - I'm still shaking my head because...

Last Thursday we went out for Mexican food after our service project and I brought home a doggie bag. I made brunch out of it the next day.



That night as I undressed and got ready for bed I was somewhat bemused as I looked down at my chest....

I know. More information than anyone needs.

Totally not the same effect as the young starlets.

But I suppose if I had the munchies???

Mayhaps I should be using a bib when I eat from now on...

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