Sunday, June 6, 2010


I don't even know their name. Cute little flowers that come in a shade that is called "Sunrise". Soft yellows, muted oranges and yummy, pale peaches. They were lovely. Each summer I structure my front yard around a different color scheme using annuals. I had seen the "Sunrise" flowers for a couple of years at the garden centers and promised myself I would build a whole garden theme around them soon.

And then in the dull, dark days of winter I decided this was the year. Walking into my front garden would be like walking into the sunrise. Ahhhh...sigh of contentment.


Fred Meyer has one Saturday every spring, were they offer some really good prices on geraniums & fuchsias. I sucked into it. Only problem is, they're priced so low 'cause they're just babies. But I like babies and it is only April, I'm willing to let them grow.

Now here's the unfortunate part. When one is looking for that particular shade of peachy/orange you'll find coral, apricot, peach, mango, papaya, pinto orange, apple pink, blush even. The list goes on. And in April, with all those darling little plants one is left eyeballing the plastic plant tag and wondering exactly how close the color of the picture on the tag is going to match the actual mature plant.

C'mon. We all know the answer to that. Don't we?

Hope springs eternal. Out of the twenty five or so pots that I distributed throughout my front yard, most with 3, 4, even 5 plants in each....only 3 pots came out with colors that "clashed."

Yah!!!! What a woman!!!!!

Only problem?

Those three pots were the color I wanted.

Everything else?

Pink.  Very PINK.

I even won an Internet sweepstakes and got this huge box of wave petunias for free. I NEVER win anything. Twenty seven, gorgeous, healthy plants.

You guessed it.


The Youngest about died laughing.

His eyes sparkle every time he walks out the front door and looks at my garden.

I mustered all the dignity I had remaining and moved my three lonely little pots to a more isolated spot where they could shine by themselves and set about adding some yellows, whites and a few darks to try and contrast the pink debacle that my front yard had become.

Enter the neighbor.

Her son was sealed in the temple last week. They are having the reception in their yard. Her yard is a bit "low keyed." But she did pot up 5 plants to help decorate the tables.

Her youngest son's new dog ate them.

She was distressed.

"Well," I said, "What are the bride's colors."


Go figure.

So I told her, if you can keep a handle on the dog, I think I have a solution for you. We won't be able to attend the reception as we'll be helping The Commander with his new house in Provo that week but feel free to pick up as many flower pots as you'd like for the reception. They've all been fertilized, insecticided, deadheaded and fussed with. They should be absolutely stunning in another week. Pink, but stunning.

Who says God doesn't have a plan. You know how they're always talking about YOU being the answer to someone else's prayer?

Glad to be... of service.

I think.

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