Saturday, December 4, 2010

Justify Your Existence

Ah the best laid plans...

Started the day @ 5:15am again, hopped out of bed, showered, fixed breakfast for The Youngest, and just finished reading scriptures when the phone rang. plans for the day (such as they were, and what there was of them) were toasted. I was called in to cover for co-worker who wasn't feeling well. So much for TGIF. Scrambled thru the slush & yuck for way too many hours. What's not to like about a 10 hour work day in those driving conditions? Still was going to get done in time to pick The Youngest up from swim practice. First tho, I had to do a little "off the clock" work and help my friend on the other route, who was swamped, deliver a few extra packages. (Gotta work on those brownie points my good deeds!) 

Fetched the kid, brought him home, fixed dinner & fed him, cleaned the kitchen, did two loads of wash, then headed to the church to do our share of cleaning for the week. Had to do it at nite because he and I would be gone in the morning when the rest of the crew would come in... An hour and a half later, after vacuuming up a small mountain of cracker crumbs (grazing appears to be the primary activity for a majority of the kids on Sundays) it's time to go home, fold clothes, pay bills, pick up the house, make sure The Youngest is ready to go to his swim meet tomorrow and that order from Emergency Essentials that just arrived today? Ummm, I think I'll inventory & deliver it - later, much later.

Because the energizer bunny just died.

A lovely day of serving my family, friends, community & church has come to a dead halt. Nothing dramatic happened today, just taking care of "stuff" and trying to leave things in as good as shape as I found them or better, still I'm a whipped pup.

And in six hours....

I get to get up and start all over again.

I can hardly wait!


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