Wednesday, October 14, 2009


During scripture reading this morning I highlighted 1 Thessalonians 5:15 which says: 

"See that none render evil for evil unto any man; but ever follow that which is good, both among yourselves, and to all men."

Okay, quit laughing. Obviously I spend a fair amount of time thinking about letting the air out of peoples tires, BUT I DON'T DO IT. Still I get no points, in my book,  because I figure if I were a really good person the thought wouldn't cross my mind...sigh.

Unfortunately it does. But! I usually get over myself on the way to getting even. Hopefully Heavenly Father appreciates (cringe) my restraint. Still, I've spent some time this week shaking my head at people and their antics so... why stop now?

Last night attended a seminar by a local gal named Kathy James. She is always very informative and I look forward to learning about the subjects she presents.

There were ~ 80 people in attendance. She wasn't quite set up and was asking for help to complete small tasks so we could get under way. You've seen in a large group, I'm sure, when a request is made, people kinda look at each other and it takes a few seconds for someone to pop up and volunteer. That's normal. There was a small space of time so I got up to work on the first task and one or two other people started on others. No big deal.

It was a very nice program and at its conclusion she requested additional help with cleanup,  so I put my supplies and papers in a pile and went to do my part. One of those many hands make light work.

Now in every group you've always got the folks who have other obligations and they hit the door running. Too hip, gotta go. I understand. Totally. I, myself, have nothing better to do with my time than pick up after you so - why not?

However, what really chapped my hide was when I went back to my belongings.....the handout that I had carefully place underneath/with, the rest of my stuff was gone. No, it hadn't fluttered to the floor or been accidently misplaced. It was gone. Here we were in a throng of good, church going women and someone has sticky fingers.


Yes, I know there weren't any more handouts left on the table but the paper you stole borrowed was so obviously already taken ....

Excuse me while I take a moment to hyperventilate...

ARGGGH!  What's up with some people?  Okay, fume, rant, rave.

I'm thru now.



Hey.  You. Yeh. I'm talk to you. The one who has my orignial handout?  

 Ummm, you wouldn't know where my 9x13 pan from the last church function is??????????

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