Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rudolph, Is That You?

Wednesday nite. Mutual. I'm up @ the Ward Bldg. doing geneology. The Teachers & Priests are playing Capture the Flag. My son wants to borrow the church keys so he can open the utility areas so they can hide.   ?????    Ummm, no. See son, they are locked for a reason. People on one side, mechanical stuff, wiring on the other...both sides safe. (Especially the side that has the: 14-17 year old, I can't remember where I left my brain today, male types...)

15 minutes later. The echo of heavy, running footsteps reverberate through the ceiling. Didn't make it into the utility areas. Noooooo. Instead they're on top of the building. The tall building. The one with the steep chapel. Then a loud thwump & scuffle as they trip followed immediately by all three computers crashing.

BISHOP!!!!  "Please get your young men off the roof."

The poor man gets this look on his face and goes to track down our intrepid teens. Then  thump, thump, thump, the miscreants clomp back to the side to get down. Bishop comes back and reports..."they're okay, nothing happened, they didn't fall or trip or anything..."


"Uh, yeah they did. We heard them stumble, plus it appears they took out the satellite wire for the internet."

He gets that look on his face again...Leaves. Clomp, clomp, clomp on the roof again. When he finally reappears he asks, "Everything good here?"

"Yeah, but...I thought it had been made clear to them that the roof wasn't a play place???"

"Yes. We have to keep reminding them though. They forget."

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