Friday, November 12, 2010

Complaint Line To The Right

Checked in with the family doctor. What a sweetie! Guy is turning into my own private cheering section.

Every time I see him I have NEVER lost enough weight for my own satisifaction. He on the other hand is jumping up and down. 10 pounds this month!!!!! Yeah!!!

Bless him. :)

Anyway, I go to check out and he comes out and says, "Oh, by the way - did you want a flu shot?"


You know I've never had one before and every winter I get some type of cold, achy, sicky kind of thing going, probably not a "bad" idea.

But it involves a needle.

Suck it up, right?

"Okay." I reluctantly say. I've already written the check for my co-pay so I'll have to write a new one to cover the cost of the shot. I ask the receptionist what my new total will be.

"Oh! Insurance pays for it. You don't owe anything extra!"

FREE! Better yet.

I barely turn around and the nurse gives me the injection where I stand.

She grins.

No changing my mind on that one!

The next day I'm pleased to note that the injection site is normal, no reaction. Wow, what was I fussing about?

48 hours later, I brush my shoulder.


Insert sad face here.



Paige said...

You should keep that flu shot receipt. I can get extra credit in my infectious diseases class if I show it to my professor.

CAT said...

Come home dear. I'll see to it that you get your very own receipt!!!!