Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ode To "Having A Moment"

This is me - heaving a BIG sigh....

My, my. Where to begin?

It's been a nice week. Really - enjoyed the kid people, ate tasty food, played...

But it can't all be fun and games.

Reality has to rear it's ugly head, the world intrudes and I find that I'm spending way too much time shaking my head over other people who have to stop, and have "a moment."

You know the guys I'm talking about. The ones who insist on pitching a fit when things don't go their way. They pout, shout, stomp and in general carry on over circumstances that just...are.

And really, it wouldn't be that big of a deal - if they'd do it on their own time, preferable some place far away from me but...

No. Instead of putting their shoulder to the wheel and getting "it" completed/finished, I look over to see them flailing their tiny fists and drumming their little feet on the floor. Production has stopped and while I'd love to be able to have super powers and do everything by myself...

 I'm left looking around, saying, "A little help here?"

Do you ever feel like you got dropped into a movie set of "Princessville"? The excuses run the gamut from "I might chip a nail/muss my hair' to "I'm special" or my personal favorite... "That's a job for the little people."



Think. Carefully. Before. You. Answer.


Now get off your butt and get back to work.


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