Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pretty In Pink

#1 Daughter has a thing about pink. I on the other hand think some pink is okay... like flowers or touches here or there in decorating. I even have a dressy top in my closet that is a soft pink with light green stripes running thru it. Very 70's. I don't wear it. Quite attractive actually. But I still don't wear it.

So you can imagine my horror when I was told, two years ago, that I had to wear pink to The Commander's wedding...Not just any pink - the bride's colors were lovely but included HOT PINK, turquoise & marigold.

The bridesmaids were to wear turquoise. The mothers, The Commander informed me, Mind you, this would be the same kid who had morphed into Groomzilla on us and had everyone walking on eggshells.

"But," I protested, "don't the mother's just usually find something...quiet, dignified (and old lady like) to wear??? Ummm, loud, bright colors are usually not the best choices for a large, older woman. Plus, "we" really don't want to overshadow the bride..."


"Mom, just find something that matches the colors she sent you."

To my credit I diligently searched for a pink outfit. The only thing I could find in that shade was one size too small. And I dieted. Frantically. I swam laps and laps in the pool. Standing - I did arm whirls. When I sat down I did leg lifts. On the 11 hour trip to Salt Lake I ate only the left over vegetables #1 Daughter didn't want from her McDonald's salads. As we drove I did my exercises while belted into the seat. The rest of the family looked on in amazement. I was totally stressed but it was HER day, and my good friends had charitably offered up the sage advise of how to be a good MIL... "whatever she wants...", and "shut up and wear beige."

"But, but, but," I whimpered - "it's not beige."

In the end I could get it buttoned (without gaps) but the thought of sausaging myself into it for a stretch of 6+ hours for the entire wedding & reception and being afraid to sit down & being totally miserable the whole time was more than I could bear. I chose my backup outfit which was a floral blend of her wedding colors. I felt like a terrible disappointment but at least, I told myself, I wouldn't clash with the wedding party and I wouldn't look like a large, pink, beached whale.

Wow, you say, what brings all this up?

Well, driving down George Washington Way this morning I saw a disabled person walking to the bus stop.
She was a bit rotund, had a rather shambling gait and was covered, head to toe in pink.  Tight, pink stretch pants, with a form fitting pink t-shirt, were covered by a bulky, long sleeved, pink, button up shirt. All three pieces were more or less complimentary shades of color.

She was a vision.

I suffered instant flash back.

Bless her soul. It should have been a great "safety" outfit. No, not florescent orange but still one couldn't help but notice her. I had to jerk the van back into its lane as I stared at her in awestuck horror.

I may have nightmares tonight.

But the best part?

Let's go back two years again.

It's was a beautiful August morning. We walked into the Bountiful Temple. And imagine, after all of the above, my surprise, when I see the tiny, petite, Mother of the Bride...

in a lovely, mauve suit.

Apparently, she didn't get the memo.

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