Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bring It!

Worked in the back yard yesterday. Weeded the vegies. Made everything all pretty. Tied up the cucumbers and tomatoes.

Found my first ripe cherry tomatoes too!


Fresh, ripe & sweet. Warmed by the sun. Makes all the planting and weeding worth it.


I was swarmed by yellow jackets, aka wasps, hornets. They'd set up residence in the rail road ties around the base of my raised garden beds. And whap! Stung right in the side by a nasty, aggressive little wasp. Fortunately I'm not allergic and of course I moved off quickly.

You know, that was right unfriendly. I was moving quietly and really not bothering them. Honey bees would never attack like that.

Hmm, what's to do?

Well, in the world of "do unto others..." I just happen to know where a couple of cans of wasp spray are. I believe that's...



And Match.

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