Monday, March 22, 2010

Dr. Laura Moment

Farm Boy keeps his car radio tuned to talk radio. I'm running The Youngest to school - in Farm Boy's car. There is a Dr. Laura "moment" on in the middle of Glenn Beck. A woman is embarrassed to go golfing with her husband because the normally sane man goes berserk the moment he hits the greens. "How can I stop him?", she asks. "How do I make him change? His behavior is mortifying."

"You don't," says Dr. Laura. "No one can make anyone do anything. You don't have that kind of power. But you can control what you do and how you react. Next time he pulls that stunt, don't say anything. Walk up to him, kiss him gently on the check (a reassurance that you still care about him) and then...walk calmly away. Leave. Go home, go shopping. Do not come back to the golf course. You are signaling that if he chooses to act like that you will not condone the behavior. And if he wants your company in the future, he'll have to alter his actions."

So let check this scenario out in another venue...

If you're two states away from home in your RV, on vacation, and the hubs (who doesn't travel well) pitches a fit again, we'll  assume you had the foresight to pocket a spare key for the motorhome, and aside from the kiss - all you need to do is make sure he has his wallet on him and we'll hope he has enough credit for that plane ticket home. Right?

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