Saturday, March 20, 2010

Voted Off the Island

There is a blog I check occasionally. Gal is....40ish. Wicked sense of humor. I very seldom comment. Hardly ever actually. But I did a couple of days ago. Pretty innocuous, just letting her know I enjoyed her post. I checked to make sure it went up and noticed that I'd linked my ID to a site I just started that deals with church, food supply, and general preparedness. I hadn't logged out before I went surfing.

Oophs. Didn't mean to do that. Oh well, no biggy.

Checked to read her latest post yesterday. Then went to read additional comments on the other post... Mine was gone. Not there. It had been removed.


Apparently she's a little selective about her commentators. No Mormons need apply or certainly none that could lead you back to a site that was as subversive as food storage.

Huh. Alrighty then.

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