Thursday, September 16, 2010

DOL Games

It didn't take long. The Youngest placed his wallet, with his driver's permit, on the roof of the car while he shuffled the keys and other items in his hands. Got in, started the rig and drove off. With his wallet still on the roof.

It's somewhere...between Mountain Home, Idaho and Utah.

So we need to go back to the DOL and have the permit replaced. But school has started, the kid is busy, I'm working. Trying to get there ... before they close? Somewhat of a challenge.


The Department of Licensing has been having 'furlough' days to save money. Which means fewer days that they're open to provide service to the local citizenry. Which also means the lines are getting longer, the people crankier leaving the staff tired and less customer service orientated.

Boy, wasn't that a polite way to put that????

Timing... the best we could do is to get there at 3:30pm. They close at 5:00pm. We're handed ticket #270. They are now serving #189. The Youngest and I look at each other. This can't be good. If 5 o'clock comes and they're only at #250 they're just going to send us home, aren't they?

We wait. They are actually moving right along (for a government office) We check our watches. I think we're going to make it! Then a woman sits beside us. She fidgets. Checks her watch, looks over her shoulder.

Now serving number 252.

She gets up. Goes to the counter and I hear her explaining that her son will be right there. Might she just step aside and let the next person go until he arrives? The DOL employee looks at her and says with a tight little smile, "Sure. You can step aside... but if you miss your turn you'll have to get a new number and start allll over."

Bless his soul - the place is absolutely packed. Getting a new number will work well - NOT.

I step to the counter and as we converse her son runs in. I return to my seat.

The Youngest asks, "What was that all about?"

"Oh," I said, "I just offered to trade numbers with her to give her son some more time, but he's here. It's fine."

My intent was good - just doing my "deed for the day." And the look on the DOL officer's face as his plans to be a donkey where thwarted? 

Icing on the cake.

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