Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm Flying Sooo High When I'm...Driving?

There is this awesome section of road that winds down a hill in Kennewick on 27th Avenue. Steep climb, nice, sharp curves. It would be great for a road rally. I understand that.

The Youngest however hasn't picked up on the fact that rally driving is not necessarily about speed as much as it is about skill. So we're going along this section of road and he says, "I'd love to drive this, do The Mario Andretti, take these corners at about 50 miles an hour..."


I raise an eyebrow and fire back with, "You mean you'd be doing The Wright Brothers."


I glance meaningfully at the abrupt drop off on the other side of the road, loosen a hand from the steering wheel and make a gliding airplane motion with it.

"Oh ... Ha. Ha. Ha. You're so funny," he says.

"Yes, I am quite the wit," I reply dryly, as we pass the road sign that says:

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