Thursday, September 2, 2010

That Diet Thing

My momma told me there 'ud be days...

So we were back in Utah last week. Picked up the #1 Daughter in the Salt Lake Airport, all safe and sound from her journeys in Uganda. Wheeeeee!!!!! Happy Day. Then set to work getting her set up for the fall semester at school. Hauled her stuff out of storage, shopped for food & school stuff, ran around trying to find/give back keys, paid rent....

Friend Chris goes on vacation to the Oregon Coast and relaxes, or cruises to Alaska. Our vacation time is spent packing, weeding, cleaning & spending money on supplies for the kids. One of these days we're actually going to come home relaxed & tanned with souvenirs in hand, but...just. not. right. now.

Meanwhile we find ourselves with some dead time in the evenings. There are promises of walks, games, scenic drives...But the guys seem to congregate around the TV - with snacks. I buy groceries for The Commander - don't want to eat him out of house and home. Farm Boy is into the DIL's chocolate ice cream so while I'm in the store I look for something else for him to munch on and grab some Oreos. That will keep him busy for a while and me, the diet queen, well, I'll just try to ignore the fact that they're in the house.

Finally. Last night there. Our promised tour of the local historic homes and game nite turns into another marathon television session.

"Look," they say. "Educational TV, come watch with us!"

Really? Again? Ummm, no.

I'm getting a little frustrated with this bunch of dead beats.

The Oreo package is on the table.

What does one do when frustrated?

Yup, I'm having me one! The Youngest has just taken a bowl full of cookies out of the package. It is still on the table. (We throw the package away when it's empty, right?) I reach into the package. Once again, all gone - except one sad little cookie with the double stuffing eaten out of it.

Okay, that does it! You little piggy pies, stuff your faces and sit and rot in front of the TV. I'm out of here. I drop the daughter off at her apartment. It's getting dark but I bet the lights of the city when viewed from the mountain are lovely. I make a quick stop at the convenience store for a drink. And there on the counter, in an enticing display, are 3 Musketeer candy bars...

So me, my diet drink, my newly lost 35 pounds & the 3 Musketeer's share the beauty of the lights on the mountain - together.

Damn those Oreos!

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