Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Smile - You're on Candid Camera!


Ever had one of those days, weeks, (months) when every time you turn around someone is doing something that makes you stop and go "what the...??"

The deal usually goes like this - if one person is irritating you it might be him/her. If everyone is irritating you...then the trouble maker is probably you, and YOU need an attitude adjustment. Time to lighten up, get happy and smile, not only for your own mental health but also - you never know who's watching. Kinda like all those reality TV shows where the camera man gets one of the contestants/participants off by themselves and then they just start to unload. It is after all, just them, the camera & however many million people who are going to be watching the show! I try not to watch too often. I end up going " didn't really just say that on national TV, right?" Then I have to leave because I just can't stand it.

Anyway, I've been a little snarky lately.


Oh, not surprised eh? Fine. But I come by it honestly. A while back, #1 Daughter had made a comment about going to dinner with her grandmother. I remember the occasion.  Mother decided to talk/gossip about her ex-DIL, Misty. She was in rare form and it quickly turned into a public flogging. That polite, conversational tone one usually reserves for restaurants was nowhere to be found. There was a shocked silence from the tables around ours and the area began to clear - people quickly finished their meals and left. Valiant efforts where made to distract and redirect Mom but she was having none of it. She had an axe to grind and appeared to be only too happy to have an audience with which to do it....

One can only take just so much public humiliation before it almost starts to become humorous and #1 Daughter noted: ...[she] exhausted us with her usual negative, backstabbing attitude...


Well, yes. Yes, she did. And I understand that it's just as easy to view the glass as half empty as it is to view it as half full. Still we get to decide how we're going to be. I'm blessed to know, and have a great respect for people like Nancy Moore. She was a missionary who was assigned to our ward a year or two ago. She was such a warm, kind, generous person. I'd love to be like her when I grow up. But I'm also loathe to give up my perverted sense of humor and the two don't mix. I was mentioning to another friend how much I admired this woman, to which that friend (who is on my top 40 list of good people) fired back, "Yeah, but, don't you think she's almost too good to be true?"


DO NOT topple my idol off of her pedestal! I have to know that people like her exist. We have way too many negatives in the world for every one of Nancy's positives.  I refuse to believe, and more accurately, really don't want to know, that she might not be a perfect person all the time. I'm going to stick w/ my opinion that she's pretty darn close to the real deal.

So, to the guy I ran into tonight who was sure he was going to tell me what to think and how to think it???? Well, I'm not Nancy. But, just for you, tonight I'll refrain from blogging about what a donkey you are. Besides're pretty consistent. There will be other opportunities... Today I'll just shake my head at you and any other people who had issues and say "whatever..." I may still poke on the ones who are being really ridiculous but I'll try to leave the true discontent and venom somewhere else.

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